As a Club member, you can participate in as many– or as few– as you wish.  Here are some of the Club Activities:

Monthly Dinner Meetings

CNC members meet for dinner once a month in various area restaurants. In addition to being a great way to make friends and get to know local restaurants, these dinners include a brief business meeting, where you will hear about current CNC news, and have the opportunity to sign up for the monthly activities.

Pot-Luck Suppers and Theme Parties

Every month, a CNC member hosts a pot-luck supper or theme party. B.Y.O.B. and a dish for sharing with others. Husbands and partners are welcome to these events.

Book Club

CNC members get together for an afternoon each month to share their love of books.

Stitch ’n Chat 

Those who like to stitch and/or chat, get together one afternoon each month to socialize and share their love of needlework. If you get into a muddle, someone in the group can usually help you out.


Tuesday and Thursday morning walking in the Civic Center or outdoors, weather permitting. Some members will meet after at the Mall for coffee and continued conversation.


You may choose between a relaxed afternoon  game of Euchre, or an evening of Euchre, both hosted by members in their homes.

Day Trippers 

This group gets together once a month for various daytime activities, often including a restaurant lunch.

Sunday Breakfast singles/couples 

Join us for eggs, pancakes or just a cup of coffee! You are welcome to join us for breakfast at 11AM. We try various locations to get to know the different venues but mainly we really just want a chance to talk. So how do you like your eggs?

Arts and Crafts Night 

Every month, members get together for an evening of crafts. Start a new craft or work on something you have been trying to finish.


Anyone for scrabble?  Some members enjoy getting together once or twice a month for a game or two.

Movie Tuesday 

Movie prices are reduced Tuesday nights at The Galaxy. If there is a movie that members would like to see, they get together and attend.

Dinner & Drinks 

Members (husbands and partners welcome) meet one Saturday a month for an evening of dinner, drinks and conversation.


How we help…
If you've just moved to the area, you'll have lots of questions about where to find the services you need. CNC members are happy to share any tips and information they've gained from their own experience.